The Big T. IS Finally out! The secret crown jewel of Mexican Dinosaurs is with us.

Presenting the final version of the Big T. (Tlatolophus galorum) above. It has taken Angel Ramírez Velasco and Ricardo Servín Pichardo several painstaking years to publish this marvel. A perfect, complete skull of this Parasurolophine hadrosaur, similar to but at the same time completely different from Parasaurolophus… and about the same length! They had the fortune to tenaciously persevere in the dig and find the skull UNDER a bunch of other parts of the skeleton…The triangular crest is a marvel and the uncrushed front view is quite narrow. The frontal view was discussed, since it was quite tricky to portray… the authors and researchers involved are: Angel Alejandro Ramírez Velasco, Felisa Aguilar, René Hernández, José Luis, Marisol Lara, Jesús Alvarado and José López, the discoverer.Ricardo Servín is working on the model of the skull of the dinosaur and deserves a special mention, even if he is not officially in the paper.

It is indeed a wholly Mexican Dinosaur researched and presented to the world by a completely Mexican team. I’m extra proud of having been invited to do a reconstruction.

I followed the meticulous instructions of Angel in this reconstruction as you might be able to see… and I thank very much the opportunity they gave me two years ago to actually play a little with the original specimen… congratulations not only for this find but for having the patience, expertise and perseverance needed to have the paper officially released at last! Hadrosaur fans, eat you heart out!

Link to the paper here:

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5 Responses to The Big T. IS Finally out! The secret crown jewel of Mexican Dinosaurs is with us.

  1. Marcos Kashiwaya Pinheiro says:

    This is one great hadrosaur species! Wow! Tlatolophus galorum! I’m impressed by its skull, its specimen and your paleoart as well, Luis! This is another incredible dinosaur from Mexico, especifically from the Cerro del Pueblo Formation! 😀

  2. Claudio Estrada Clamont says:

    Muy interesante, Luis!!

  3. 7777Scion says:

    Lunch for the Aguja tyrannosaur?

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