Never Try To Bite More Than You Can Chew.

Maastrichtian in Dakota. A couple of young Dakotaraptor decide to try their luck and hike an adult Triceratops… or a relative. Is Dakotaraptor for real? There have been so many doubts but I also doubt that Utahraptor was the only giant Raptor.

So, since I always fancied a confrontation between two dumb oversized birds and a tank, I had to select animals that >might< have been contemporary. The sight of lions harassing hippos for territory sparked some ideas.. But hippos don’t have a three horned face and spiked armoured skin!

The theory is that Dakotaraptor, if real and no more elements of its skeleton are assigned to some other genus or even some other animal (as we know the furcula was eliminated, as was later found to be a bone that belonged to a turtle), was more gracile than Utahraptor. So the agility and temper might have been there.

No fight for territory would compensate for the fact that climbing the heavily armoured charging monster, not taking in consideration the size or the fact that they had to use their whole set of claws to cling to that armour for their lives, probably even getting injured or impaled right there against the ceratopsian skin.

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