The Art of the Dinosaur.

Presenting: The Art of  the Dinosaur.

DSC03832.jpgIt is difficult to describe my excellent relationship with a consummate professional like Mr. Kazuo Terakado, science journalist and senior researcher at the Japan Space Forum. DSC03826.jpgHis love for Dinosaur Art seems to have no bounds and has the right ideas for it. When he asked me if he could use my “Home’s Garden” for the last words of this excellent book, I understood that he knew very well what he was up to and knew the boundaries between science and “Art”. I’m very keen on the word “Paleoillustration” but as many  know, I like to think that I’m interpreting scientific ideas  through art techniques and leaving “art” in another realm. Perhaps it is true, we all develop a certain style that becomes almost a blueprint with our own personality… but illustrating Palaeontology  has certain boundaries that “Art” doesn’t have… and those boundaries  are called “science”: you have to be very careful to do your homework properly, well beyond mastering Photoshop techniques!  Dinosaurs are NOT “monsters” anymore!DSC03827.jpg

Nevertheless, as you’ll be able to still see, there’s an (almost) boundless realm of imagination for artists interested in recreating scientifically an extinct world. The competition these days  is much more fierce than it was 20 or even 30 years ago,  but every artist continues to develop  his own personality, his own blueprint… and variety is what counts when doing Paleoillustration… For me the detective work was what counted, and the fact that many many years ago, a child dreamed to live in a museum… and happened to realise his dreams after all, but with the slant of the adult researcher and the new wonder that those fabulous monuments he was in awe of at the museums, were actually living creatures again, thanks mostly to the Dinosaur Renaissance… Today the Dinosaur Renaissance has exploded as you are  able to see in the  enormous variety of artists,  apart from yours truly, that this book contains. It  is a good example that variety of talent means everything for creativity… and  it becomes even more relevant if it is compiled with the love and care that  virtually only the Japanese publishers do these days! Many thanks Mr. Terakado!

DSC03823The book is available here and now , don’t miss it!

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