More Mexican Dinosaurs: Labocania anomala.

labocania-copyIn my series about Mexican Dinosaurs, I haven’t been able to avoid repeatedly the use of violent scenes… that is what popular palaeontology is about according to some of the kids  attending my workshops last week: VIOLENCE… and gore… of course! Well, this may be justified for primitive tyrannosaurs like tho enigmatic Labocania  (from La Bocana Roja, Baja California 83 million years agoattacking an even more enigmatic primitive hadrosaur. We know that the fossil remains in Mexico are most of the time fragmentary… but the traces of the predator and prey are there for sure!

I reconstructed Labocania based on the work o Angel Ramírez, that reappraises Labocania as an eight meter long.  peculiar  and robust Chilantasurus or Schezuanosauruslike theropod with primitive tyrannosaur characteristics…  I added some touches of  the better known Yutyrannus (three fingers and plenty of feathers). Until we get more remains it will continue to be anomalous, as its name describes it!

We know even less about the prey but according to the age, it must have been a primitive hadrosaur similar to Huehuacanauhtlus...

There was a time when North America had no frontiers and only an inner sea as boundaries… sometimes even South America hooked up with it… dinosaurs roamed freely across the continent and  an enormous, rich diversity prevailed…  suddenly a catastrophe struck  and their environment collapsed. Only the small dinosaurs, with their wings could fly away and survive. Any similarity with modern times is not mere coincidence… only this time disasters are man made!dsc01904

The artwork was also immortalised in 3D by Aldebaran (Aldo) Castañeda with one of his fomisaurios tailor made for me… here having a drink with and René Hernández!

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