More Cheap Thrills… this time Therizinosaurus!

I have to admit, I’m puzzled by the Collecta toy models..,. sometimes they are terrible and sometimes that are almost arty! At least they surely have a personality and I see an effort to keep to date with the “New”  Dinosaur Look…And I also have to admit that I really liked this new Therizinosaurus from them. The anatomy is >almost< right (there are some obvious concessions in order to balance the dinosaur on its two feet unaided,  something it manages marvellously). The dramatic pose is so similar to my own approach -fairly well documented in this Blog- that I had to do something with the dull colours they painted it with originally… For fun, I  have painted  it  now with an old pattern of mine.  I like to continue the “tradition” of patterns I created in the past, projecting them into the future… that happened with this also old collaboration with Dorling Kindersley… It was one of the few more or less decent CG artist works that were done under my supervision for the DK Dinosaur Encyclopaedia of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life I collaborated with Darren Naish in the early 2000’s. And the artist seemed also inspired by my zebra pattern!10943651_1015765971784281_4894518361892717592_n

So here for your enjoyment, a couple more shots from my recently revamped Collecta toy… hopefully there will be more in the future!CollectaB-2CoillectaB-3And all be cause of this… an Oldie that started the trend in the 90’s first published in Extreme Dinosaurs!OldTherizinosaurusB


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5 Responses to More Cheap Thrills… this time Therizinosaurus!

  1. Dinosaur Guy says:

    Oh, I loved that Extreme Dinosaurs Book. It was one of the first books that really got me into the idea that dinosaurs could be feathered, even though the images now look a bit dated based on what we know now. It was also so deliciously 90’s, back when everything was EXTREME!!! And I always loved that Therizinosaurus illustration, even though it’s a bit more fluffy now.
    I also had the book with that Therizinosaurus CG image, and I thought it looked like your rendition of the creature. Glad to know you were involved.

  2. Ah Extreme Dinosaurs, how I love you so! Great post man.

  3. Happy Darwin Day mr. Rey!

  4. OualidBro. C says:

    I have one question how did you put the classic neck sack on it the original collecta toy doesn’t have it, what material did you use exactly may I ask?

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