Walking With Dinosaurs 3D… the end credits!


A ravaged Nanotyrannus reacts with alacrity to the end credits of Walking With Dinosaurs…Yes we know: Walking With Dinosaurs 3D is all the rage these days. I am not going to dwell in the details, but obviously the animation is extremely sophisticated and it had its brilliant moments (including a Three-Stooge Pterosaur sketch or the albertosaur-pachyrhinosaur chase!) . It also had its not-so-good points (including the fact that dinosaurs “talk” and the soundtrack in general is cringe-worthy… but that remains in the realms of my personal taste).  Not long ago I was approached by the production team with a request to add some of the best known illustrations from a book that is rapidly becoming a standard and -I expect- is soon to be fully revamped : “Dinosaurs The Most Complete Up To Date Encyclopaedia” by Dr.Thom Holtz and myself.  I very much appreciated the request and felt good about it, but was surprised and puzzled. After all, my “old” illustrations would be as far from the extremely advanced technology used in the movie as anything could be. However, when I saw the results a few days ago, I understood their approach: THEY  DO WORK within the context of the movie!  I was pleasantly amazed to see these familiar faces rotating in truly spectacular 3D close-ups .

No new stuff here… But given the fact that unfortunately someone somewhere forgot to include me in the film credits’ list, I have decided to share with you a gallery  with all the illustrations provided for the end credits… I recommend you  see them in the big screen and in 3D though!

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5 Responses to Walking With Dinosaurs 3D… the end credits!

  1. Mercè Balda says:

    Unforgivable sin having forgotten to include you in the film credits’ list! Anyway, thank you so much for sharing your illustrations. I’m going to the cinema asap and enjoy them in 3D! I’ll tell you…

  2. JoakinMar says:

    I was shocked to see your illustrations in the credits. It was something unexpected and was really surprising for not seeing you credited!!!! In the other hand, about the movie, I’m really dissapointed with the film. As you reflects, it has good depictions of the dinosaurs and the CGI works, with some stunning scenes. But the inclusion of voices in the dinosaurs and the horrible pop songs, destroys any feeling of immersion in this incredible world. For me a wasted opportunnity for doing something big.

    PD: Revising your Wikipedia page I saw you collaborated in the original series. What have you say about this, jejejeje?!?!

  3. luisvrey says:

    Oh well… I’m surprised that it’s got the same title from the TV series “Walking With Dinosaurs”… but I suppose that’s going to sell better? In any case the “spirit ” of this movie has absolutely nothing to do with the original WWD. Yes I worked with the original team of WWD several years ago… I spent about three months going every day for hours, did sketches (the “Okapi Iguanodons” are >mine<!) and charting at length and depth with Tim Haines, discussing ideas an all that… I was struck by the fact that they wanted to do the Attenborough thing with Palaeontology (novel idea…but for taking that enormous risk you have to be extremely careful with the biological and behavioural details of animals in general … even if they have to be as they apply to species we know today and you still want to use them for animals extinct eons ago!)… not only that, they wanted to give people "certainty"! My simple question was "certainty about what?" We are talking about Palaeontology here… not mathematics! In any case….enioy the movie for what it is… be creative… use your headphones and add a different soundtrack!

  4. Harry Skärlund says:

    A little late to the party here, but just so Luis and everyone else knows, the 3D blu ray (I think) of the WWD movie) has what they call, the cretaceous cut, which simply is the movie minus the talking! The way it was intended to be seen. You should watch it, if you got the chance.

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