The John R. Hutchinson Team does it again… in NATURE.

NatureBEmbargo lifted and here we are…Kudos to John R. Hutchinson! He has made it once again and this time in the prestigious science magazine  NATURE. Hutchinson is not only a man of science, but also a man with imagination and sense of humour, so needless to say it is always a pleasure to work with him. This time it was time to tackle Nature with an article about the evolution of the posture from early crocodilian forms to birds (with dinosaurs in between). His remarkable 3D restorations and animations showing the evidence of posture change had its hilarious moments for me (for the sake of clarity, the crocodile looked like vary funny airplane). It didn’t take long for me to come with this “tree of life” idea using some intermediate forms before embarking on flight…. well almost, I’m sure some will object to see this T.rex hanging out on a branch… and as a feathery sort-of porcupine… I must be joking..!


In any case, the sequence we selected to illustrate the evolutionary suquence was a crocodileMarasuchusCoelophysisT rexMicroraptor and Enantiornis.

Some links:

Youtube videos: and

It is not the first time John and I haveollaborated together. He is noted for his research  in estimated mass and the relationship with kinetics (specially in big extinct animals). A while ago I illustrated his now notorious article debunking the possibility that T. rex was a fast runner… an article that annoyed a few, but simply and scientifically stated the obvious. Mass and gravity matters and T. rex was not simply an oversized chicken or a “roadrunner from hell”!


So we are back to NATURE…Since the article unfortunately didn’t make it to be the cover of the magazine, here you have it (as an exclusive) logo included and all!



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4 Responses to The John R. Hutchinson Team does it again… in NATURE.

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  2. haha! I actually laughed out loud, from sheer joy, at the feathered Rex, the pink Mara and Microraptor, and the iridescent blue on the Coelo!
    Very well done 🙂

  3. JoakinMar says:

    Ok, First good illustration. Second, I don’t like T.Rex with feathers!!!! ( This is an appreciation, I really know giant tyrannosauroids had feathers)

    • luisvrey says:

      Well, that is the problem with science… it continues to mercilessly smash traditional imagery … the human brain adapts very slowly to changes to the iconography that has been culturally embedded for so many years! And you have to admit: T. rex is an icon… only this time with feathers! The challenge for the artists now is to make the animal believable… not just the old T. rex with a coat. It has taken several years to make feathered dinosaurs believable (many of the first reconstructions looked like lizards with some sort of dressing)… we definitively are getting there.

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