Cannibal Daspletosaurus?


This is my contribution to Dave Hone‘s new project. He is trying to gather funds for  research into a very well preserved Daspletosaurus skull that once again gives evidence that tyrannosaurs were cannibals or at least had fierce  battles between them. For more information  do visit Very soon, there is going to be available a signed, canvased  limited edition  print of this artwork  to help fund the effort.

As we have seen before, we have come a long way in reconstructing tyrannosaurs and the new feathery coverage gives us a complete new dimension of how these animals may have looked. To show how I normally work my pictures I’m adding the original sketch that served as the basis… The title “cannibalism” also suggests scavenging… but there’s much more information that is being extracted from the remains that challenge any straightforward notion of scavenging.

Instead I wanted to show two adults battling and scarring each other… the battle might lead to the death of one or simply the scarring of each other… there’s also evidence that the some of the wounds would have healed… so the animal survived the bruising!


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9 Responses to Cannibal Daspletosaurus?

  1. Piotr Crittenden says:

    Are you going to put more pencil sketches like this in the upcoming book “Golden Age of Dinosaurs” and in other, future projects?

    • luisvrey says:

      BNo B&W artwork or sketches in this new book. For those that want or are waiting another “Field Guide of Dinosaurs” like I did with Henry Gee, well, you’ll have to wait… I’m ready for offers though!

  2. albertonykus says:

    Good to see your take on feathered (adult) tyrannosaurids!

    • luisvrey says:

      Yutyrannus changed everything… however I >stillexactly< from which part of the animal, but it means that most probably T. rex was not completely feathered and/or had at least parts of the body that weren't. We have to keep an open mind.

  3. Matt says:

    The feathered Daspletosauruses are amazing! Love the poses and dynamic action you have incorporated, very visually pleasing art as always. I do indeed plan on making a donation to the project, and will keep my fingers crossed in hopes of winning the your print.

  4. Devin Bell says:

    The feathered version of the tyrannosaur Daspletosaurus is better than the original version.

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