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Even more interesting NEW Mexican Dinosaurs.

Mexico’s Palaeontology is hard work… at all levels! The numerous but very fragmentary material has palaeontologists squabbling and scratching their heads as to what the myriad of fragments are. This time I have selected two new remarkable new discoveries: Claudia Serrano … Continue reading

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More previews from the Kelly Tyrannosaur Project.

As we can see here… not everything tyrannosaur has to be Tyrannosaurus! This classic scene has been depicted many times…And it should have been an awesome one to watch. Triceratops was once depicted as a mud wrestler by Dr. Bob Bakker. … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Sex!

The subject has always been a spiny one…let alone the problem of size and the (sometimes) the spikes! Her are a couple of my solutions. The first one  is this couple of T.rexes having fun and putting their puny forelimbs … Continue reading

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I have been studying the debate on the locomotion of Triceratops for a long time. I have also studied several mounted skeletons and this is what I finally managed to come with as compromise… a peculiar stance indeed. This illustration … Continue reading

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Edmontosaurus chased by Tyrannosaurus.

Believe it or not, this Edmontosaurus (correction!) was again traced right on top of one of my own pictures of a mounted cast skeleton at the Oxford University museum… weird angle! Using real models can change anybody’s traditional perspective of how … Continue reading

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