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The Missing Link…

Once Palaeontologists get their heads down to  revise classification things start to be seen with different eyes  and everything changes. There’s almost a full acceptance now on the newest reclassification of dinosaurs, that managed to challenge the traditional dinosaur evolutionary … Continue reading

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Baby Ceratosaurus

This juvenile Ceratosaurus is based on a real skull… note the enormous teeth compared to the maxilla. “Beard” is optional…. but since it is a juvenile I dared to be a little heretical and added protofeathers to a fairly basal … Continue reading

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Two reconstructions of Allosaurus for a Ryan Tucker’s project (North Dakota). Allosaurus avoiding Stegosaurus’ tail Allosaurus admiring The Impossible Meal… Giraffatitan brancai. Allosaurus has become a standard in a lot of my new artwork. You will see more in the … Continue reading

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