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Welcome to Dinosaur Goredom!

I was familiar with a specimen of Tyrannosaurus rex named “Wyrex”  for a long time. Dr. Bob Bakker sent me a few pictures of Wyrex pebbly skin… but nothing else. We were at that time discussing the possibility of T. … Continue reading

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Dinosaurios Hechos En México opens in Monterrey (Part 2)… now for real!

7500 visitors in two days can’t be wrong… ! After the preview in my last blog,  we have had the opening of Dinosaurios Hechos En México. As this little photo tour shows,  I think Planetario Alfa and Gondwana Studios have … Continue reading

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Celebrating my own Paleoart Education.

From very early in my life,  one of my main interests have always been the popularisation of the accurate (but attractive) image of the Dinosauria. Decades ago I was given a couple of books that, apart from my father’s own art lessons,  were … Continue reading

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The John R. Hutchinson Team does it again… in NATURE.

Embargo lifted and here we are…Kudos to John R. Hutchinson! He has made it once again and this time in the prestigious science magazine  NATURE. Hutchinson is not only a man of science, but also a man with imagination and sense of … Continue reading

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Yutyrannus. This is how things really change…

As I have been stressing in my recent talks in Aarhus, Bristol and London the Image of the Dinosaur in modern times keeps changing at an alarming speed rate that many times threatens a good chunk of our work to become obsolete … Continue reading

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Old Volcanic Stuff.

Giganotosaurus extreme close-up as I envisioned for my first and only Pop-up book called “Dinosaurs In The Round”… I’m including the cover here too. It is a book that represented a challenge but it was so much fun to do!  Layer upon … Continue reading

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Surrealist intermission… Home’s Garden.

It’s Sunday, so it’s time for something completely different… Since I have had some enquiries about Dave Hone’s post regarding my home’s garden (the actual title of this piece!), I’d like to tell a little story. Some people know that … Continue reading

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