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Yutyrannus. This is how things really change…

As I have been stressing in my recent talks in Aarhus, Bristol and London the Image of the Dinosaur in modern times keeps changing at an alarming speed rate that many times threatens a good chunk of our work to become obsolete … Continue reading

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The Deinonychus Saga (Part 2)

We were talking about female Deinonychus in the previous post… what about this dandy. flamboyant male? I did this as a challenge: we really don’t have much evidence of the exterior of dinosaurs… what is underneath all that flamboyancy  is … Continue reading

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Baby Ceratosaurus

This juvenile Ceratosaurus is based on a real skull… note the enormous teeth compared to the maxilla. “Beard” is optional…. but since it is a juvenile I dared to be a little heretical and added protofeathers to a fairly basal … Continue reading

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