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The Therizinosaur Rookery is at last finished.

You saw the process of making this piece-de-resistance. All the protagonists are now in place and the hypothetical life cycle is now complete. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without  the opportunistic mammal trying to predate on the newborns. Regarding … Continue reading

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Bristol’s best kept “secret”…!

  You won’t see many prehistoric mammals in this blog… but after last year’s visit to Bristol University I couldn’t resist to take a few pictures and do a restoration of a fantastic Smilodon skeleton mount they (inexplicably, it should … Continue reading

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Mammal Evolution

The strange world of mammal evolution is present in these two pieces.  The dog-like cynodont therapsid Cynognathus and the utterly handsome dinocephalian (more like a side branch in evolutionary terms) Estemmenosuchus. Both have been published in Anusuya Chinsamy’s  “Forerunners Of Mammals” previously mentioned … Continue reading

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Some mammal stuff from “Prehistoric Monsters”

Denizens of the Ice Age and Platybelodon protecting its baby…. These two pieces that are part of the Prehistoric Monsters book I did with Dr. Bob Bakker some years ago and in turn they are now part of the newly … Continue reading

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And now for something completely different… Mammals!

After we did together our now famous Dinosaurs From Africa book, there was always some room to do some more collaborations. Anusuya Chinsamy is famous for her histology and metabolic studies of fossil animals… here’s my latest work illustrating her … Continue reading

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The discovery of a giant mammal with a baby dinosaur in its belly was all the rage a few years back. The concept of a mammal that could attack and eat dinosaurs in the Cretaceous (when everybody had assumed that … Continue reading

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