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Winter Solstice 2015/16

Just in time for the silly hats…As ever I thank you all for the support to this blog throughout this year… wishing you a better 2016 if at all possible!

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Dinosaurs Take Flight opens at last!

There exhibition many of us were waiting for since last year is finally opening at the Kenosha Public Museum! It is a dazzling design by Nick Regester and Alanna Magovern dedicated exclusively to artwork representing Archaeopteryx and its dramatic development and … Continue reading

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The Deinonychus Saga (Part 2)

We were talking about female Deinonychus in the previous post… what about this dandy. flamboyant male? I did this as a challenge: we really don’t have much evidence of the exterior of dinosaurs… what is underneath all that flamboyancy  is … Continue reading

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Our daily dose of dino-weirdness…

We are used to Nature’s jokes, but this one… well… this is the joke nobody expected in the mosaic of dino=bird evolution… could it be lemur-mimic dinosaur like Epidendrosaurus?  That is why I reconstructed it this way… fully covered with … Continue reading

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To Fly or not to Fly…

Now… I know some people are going to be not precisely happy with a flying Archaeopteryx (it was a poor one after all, if it was at all)… however, as you can see here it is not flying higher than … Continue reading

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Now… And Then…

Taken from “Dino Babies”(Bakker/Rey, Random House), this was meant to be directed as thought provoking piece for those that are still surprised that birds are dinosaurs. After all, a great way to induce change is with analogies.

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