The quest for a different looking Tyrannosaurus face…

I think we have seen them all… from the ubiquitous bare teeth grin, to the sedated, solemn face of the T. rex from Prehistoric Planet.

In my quest for a new look for Tyrannosaurus I would like to start 2023 with a portrait of Stan that would defy convention and make him more avian than ever. I have tried it before but not to this extent: instead of having an extensively scaly snout, it has now a full horny coverage that is more like a beak… and these are the results… might be successful or not, but I had to try once again.

Yes, the toothy T rex is gone and for good reason. Every possible skull (including Stan) have the teeth virtually out of their sockets and, when you closely examine the teeth themselves, the enamel traces show very clearly what part was “out” or “in” the gums… as it happens most of the teeth were inside soft tissue and the roots were enormous. So much for the “banana” teeth grin… still the thickness and power of those teeth were bone crunching remarkable. Quite a few of them would show for sure, but not like the earlier reconstructions.

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3 Responses to The quest for a different looking Tyrannosaurus face…

  1. palpatine505 says:

    Reblogged this on Palpatine's Literary Library and commented:
    I find this kind of thing absolutely delightful to observe that he’s done.

  2. palpatine505 says:

    This’s absolutely delightful to observe the natural history in this.

  3. Robert Cairnes says:

    Great new look for Rexy, Luis, up to date and also with a lot of character to it!

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