Mexico continues to be ace. A recent little scrapbook…

Day of the Dead at the Geology Museum in Mexico! First time ever Geoexplora could run an “in situ” paleo art class after years of the Covid scare… the Museum especially opened the doors for us! As you can see the decorations of the Day of the Dead around the Mammoth were dutifully performed by masters of their craft…

Ricardo Servín Pichardo gave us a guided tour to start with… and then we all sit down on the floor the best we could … right in front of the old Isauria (Latirhinus) skeleton, that served us well for the basics… that pesky articulation of the limbs was finally understood by most of the attendants. We also spoke about the fact that Latirhinus is no longer a kritosaur but a lambeosaur… still learning the basics of the anatomy was what counted.

And, as in every trip I got lucky with some tailor-made new masterwork by Aldo Fomisaurus… this time he successfully raised to my challenge of Bajadasaurus and the new Jakapil!

Needless to say, last but not least, Héctor Munive provided me with a kit of his “fatty” Triceratops… I just customised and it is surprisingly VERY effective for such a chunky version of the animal… he definitively has done a great job at making graceful that what is definitively not

I thank especially Adriana Miranda for making the event possible (GeoExplora, the hardest working woman in Mexico) and Ulices Carrillo; Ricardo Servín and Arturo PC for their gracious support and inspiration. And also Hector Munive, Dalia Castillo, Eliot Munive, Aldo Fomisaurus and Yadira, Fede and family for being always there for us! See you all in TetZoo next…


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