A toy, a Mexican street shop, a dinosaur nut and what came after…

This for your Sunday solace and merriment… the moment I saw a toy bust of a Tyrannosaurus in a popular Mexican shop on my recent trips to Mexico, I understood what I needed to do to it.

I love revamping and re-doing objects with potential into something completely different… even if that means I have to re-do it completely, or at least in parts.

There were two resin T. rex busts in the shop, a bigger one that, since it was a blatant rip-off of the regular Jurassic Park T. rex, there was nothing to be done… and another that actually was closer anatomically to a a real tyrannosaur … whoever did this toy was actually making an effort! But to get it completely right, I needed to do the pertinent modifications… and that would take a lot of time and effort. Obsessive fun you might say.

As you can see, it tried to bit me right from the start!

The arms and claws were originally quite big, in the wrong posture and it had no chest. The fingers were disproportioned. The skin texture was crocodilian…. still …there was something appealing to it. So with the help of my friends of the Soteno/Jimenez workshop the first thing I did was chop everything off … and put the pieces in the luggage! Good that I did it, because it might have become a burden to transport as it was. I turned it literally into a resin kit!

On arrival from Mexico, I started the pending job. I had to reconstruct the hands, arms and chest first.Pulverised resin anyone? What chaos, drilling and sanding! I even printed casts of fossil skin as texturisers to the epoxy putty I used as modelling filler. Part of the arms were inserted inside the body and the fingers were more or less re-proportioned and redone.

After repainting (the chest skin looked great with the texturiser) . I started the final part of the job. New skin! But this time would be a combination of fake furry skin and ornamental feathers… et voila … the final product, even if not perfectly proportioned as a real Tyrannosaurs rex, it could pass fairly well as a juvenile T. rex… Nanotyrannus anyone? No, more like “Jane” the young Tyrannosaurus rex.

I added fur and feathers only in the places I thought were most probable. No more crocodile skin… no more naked skin everywhere either. Hope it is annoying enough to the “no-feathers T. rex”

So here it is. Like it or not, it is indeed a Luis V. Rey juvenile Tyrannosaurus added to my collection… the difference with the original toy is quite striking. Wonders can be done with few resources and a little imagination.


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