Indulging in one of my favourite passions… once again!

Yes… a bit of work in Mexico and the results are for all to see. I was graciously provided with a cast of Caudipteryx… a dream come true! I’m eternally grateful… but the main thing was to get the blank matrix/canvas painted and customised as realistically as possible.

This is a step by step narrative of what became five days of being immersed in a complete creative coma… and might get even better if I continue.

I’m learning a lot from the fossil as I speak. The well-documented original (of which there are several known reconstructions) appears not to have had the feather imprints added (that come from another find). But I tried my best to recreate what might have been if fully prepared…

Interestingly enough, I did find some physically imprinted (not just carbonised) feather traces on the stone matrix, still preserved by the right side of the tip of the tail of the cast, and I followed that in the reconstruction. Yes the cast was >that< good… obviously done by an expert.

At the end it is a rather personal reconstruction based on the best evidence… but personal nevertheless.

Here it is, proudly on exhibition at my studio.

I leave you with yet another acquisition in Mexico: Aldo Fomisaurus outstanding model of my Tlatolophus .


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1 Response to Indulging in one of my favourite passions… once again!

  1. palpatine505 says:

    I like this kind of stuff, I like it a lot. Please do continue to post these things.

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