Pathologies… in the waiting!

Herrerasaurus attacked by Saurosuchus

There’s nothing more frustrating, as every artist or palaeontologist knows, than a bunch of oven ready pieces rotting away in our vaults without a publisher helping them to see the light!…

Those were the pre=pandemic days! Almost two years after I announced the Dinosaur Pathologies book, that would involve the likes of Ricardo Servin Pichardo, Angel Ramírez and Ruben Molina Perez among others, this very promising book has never made it to the printers and is still searching for a proper publishing house…

I’m still very much hoping that that this material will come to light some day… I’m sharing here just a taster of what’s in the vault being constantly refurbished… and there are many more!! In part it has been good the wait because it has allowed me to keep updating the artwork as new modifications have been gradually required.

So this is yet a renewed invitation to any takers!

PS. And just you wait when Angel Ramirez gets his new paper published! Many will be astonished… there’s a lot of rumbling under the Paleo-surface that is not only about new Mexican dinosaurs or there illustrious Spinosaurus... Cristiano Dal Sasso has also promised hot news about “him” very shortly!

Injured Dilophosaurus getting even MORE injured.

Ceratosaurus and Camptosaurus
Camelotia attacked by Teratosaurus.

Acrocanthosaurus accident with titanosaur…

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6 Responses to Pathologies… in the waiting!

  1. Great post, Luis! I may pick up a copy myself. Just out of curiosity, for the first reconstruction, did you mean Saurosuchus, rather than Sarcosuchus? Probably just a spelling error but I’m excited for the book nonetheless!

  2. Marcos Kashiwaya Pinheiro says:

    Ohohoh! I like this post! I’m sorry about the difficulties with your book getting published, but good thing that you see the good side which is adding new paleoinfo updates and modifying your paleoart animals in the pages! And wow! As always, those are great and dramatic wild paleoarts, Luis! I’m looking forward for your new book of paleo pathologies and also for those papers and paleonews, especially about the Spinosaurus! 😀

    Oh, Luis! You wrote on the first image “Sarcosuchus”, but I know that you meant the deadly “Saurosuchus” of the Triassic Argentina attacking that Herrerasaurus! And the last image it’s written “Acrocanthisaurs”, which I believe you meant “Acrocanthosaurus”. Just warning you, Luis. 😉

  3. luisvrey says:

    Many thanks for your comments and special thanks for noting the typo! Yes… indeed it’s Saurosuchus… not Sarcosuchus!

  4. palpatine505 says:

    This’s really good work you’ve got here; please do continue this brilliant work!

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