Paleoart in Mexico 2. Metepec and Beyond.

In the previous post I chronicled a bit of the the creative power that Mexico exercises on me and my different collaborations each time we go down there.

Meet some more P-art produced under our shared spell!

Meet Frida Soteno… she might be only 15, but she has already won awards for outstanding art and clay work and is progressing at a breathtaking pace. She got her painting skills mostly from her mom, Blanca Jimenez. Somehow I managed to convert her to paleo art via this excellent notebook that she bound herself … there might be more in the future, who knows?

When her dad Israel Soteno and myself started working on the Spinosaurus jar Metepec style little did we know things were going to get complicated.

Little did we know what would happen when we put the jar in the extremely talented hands of Pichón López and his wife Diana that turned the vase into a masterwork of paleo-surrealism…

Then there’s the Paleo-Mexican food! The workshop of Héctor Splintersaurus Munive was also responsible for these amazing sugar dinosaur skulls and the special Day of the Dead Dinosaur bread (chocolate bones and all!). Velafrons, Labocania and Yehuecauhceratops.

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