…and now for the Spinosaurus Apotheosis Downfall.

I will leave this here. Almost no words necessary… needless to say there will be comparisons and zoologists will know where this scene is coming from, only that it is at such colossal scale that is difficult to think of it as “realistic”… at least is not a JP chimerical T. rex vs Spinosaurus… this is Carcharodontosaurus vs Spinosaurus.

We can imagine a slow motion ambush finally break into a frenzy. I’m turning the tables around. We have seen Spinosaurus playing the crocodile against other predators and non predators, and of course we know it was a fish-eating machine… but Carcharodontosaurus might have known precisely where the Spinosaurus was more vulnerable to attack.

Fanciful indeed but not as much as other flights of fancy.

I’m also celebrating that I’m again working with Anusuya Chinsamy in an update of our old book African Dinosaurs that she herself will be publishing very soon…

This is also a great opportunity to upset Hector Munive “Splintersaurus” adding this to our own pet project about his cherished Spinosaurus… project soon to be released that is going to surprise everybody (hopefully)… in the meantime I leave you with an invitation to the opening of Héctor and Dalia’s new Museum restaurant in Mexico “Comiendo Con Dinosaurios” (Eating With Dinosaurs)…date still to be announced, but most probably will be around the Day of the Dead this deadly year 2020!

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4 Responses to …and now for the Spinosaurus Apotheosis Downfall.

  1. palpatine505 says:

    Reblogged this on Palpatine's Literary Library and commented:
    Lovely ideas and work you have here, Sir.

  2. luisvrey says:

    Thank you… really difficult to find new ideas that will provoque new levels of discussion. Glad you appreciated it.

  3. palpatine505 says:

    You’re most welcome; I do appreciate this kind of paleontological material for study.

  4. Elliot Grant says:

    This is cool. A lot is made of the Kem Kem beds being skewed towards giant predators with limited terrestrial prey. Carcharodontosaurs are often portrayed taking on giant Titanosaurs, so why would a Spinosaur, with perhaps limited agility on land, be off the menu?

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