My Spinosaurus finally takes to the waters…

Lately, this blog is in danger of becoming an obsessive fan club of the Spinosaurus saga, but I couldn’t resist the temptation of finally doing a water-bound restoration of our favourite fisher kings… I understand that the paleo-art market may be saturated of images of him doing what he did best, but… political scourges, lock-downs , coronaviruses and above all, an overall horrid 2020 won’t stop any paloartistic passion for long!

Rest assured: this restoration is based in the most accurate references possible, bone by bone. Looking at the different fossils and reconstructions, I’m really starting to agree that the Spinosaurus genus must have had several different species with different characteristics, some were more sturdy than the others, but I’ll leave that for following studies and the ever elusive final restoration of a complete skeleton.

In the meantime for reasons of space I had the main protagonist hunting a smalli-ish Coelacanth. We know there were many bigger species living with Spinosaurus, but the gavial-like jaws were probably not powerful enough to deal with the enormous species of lungfish, sharks or sawfishes that were also contemporary according to Ibrahim et al.

It’s been a very long time since my first Spinosaurus reconstruction from 2001 (or so) and you can see much has changed! Will it change even more in the future?

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