Spinosaurus revisited.

Yes, this is the moment we have all been waiting for…  the newest, most formal restoration of Spinosaurus, modified so it now includes the tail… and it has surprised many, but not me. The tail definitively depicts Spinosaurus as an aquatic dinosaur… elongated spines to create a perfect rudder for an enormous predator swimming in shallow waters… that (for me) most definitively only ate… fish!

Yes,. the restoration  I did in 2014 has been vindicated and I could modify it further with the new information we have about the tail… it is still that “SpinoWalrus” I reconstructed… others may have different ideas, but… we will never return to Jurassic Park’s Spinosaur-like monsters…! And I am really happy about that. The variety of dinosaurs was enormous and many of them were nothing like we imagine! For the sake of the size and aquatic environment some will be relieved that I haven’t added feathers or quills… but… who knows what can happen in the future!Spinosaurus WalrusNEW copy 2.jpg It is just a sketch… but, it has some historical value for me!

spinosaurus tail 2020.jpgArticle here. Thank you, Cristiano Dal Sasso, Nizar Ibrahim et al!


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