Pterosaur squid eating? I did it first…

Well it is not very often that I post anything about pterosaurs,,, but since a  recent paper by Hoffmann et al. (2020) documented the remarkable discovery of a Plesioteuthis squid with a Rhamphorhynchus tooth embedded in its tissues reminded me of something that I did for Robert Bakker’s “Dactyls”  Random House book for kids way back in the early 2000’s … it may NOT have been a Rhamphorhynchus, but can somebody  spot the premonition? Pterodactylus may not have had the specialised teeth of Rhamphorhynchus , but since it was also probably a good fisher, this may have occurred too! A fossil like this shows squids’ tough skin indeed.. Fun illustration to see again, I think…
The  paper is accessible here:

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