Dinosaur Isle Museum and SVPCA 2019…

With the goodwill, imagination and energy of Martin Munt, Gary Blackwell (and the whole team), after many years of sporadically attending SVPCA meetings, I think this year was probably the best organised of all I have attended so far.  The novel organisation of the talks not in seat rows in an auditorium, but freely seating around tables enjoying the sessions… that was an excellent idea.  The lunches were well catered for and generous, and obviously, it helped that in reality, all happened in a yacht club!  Very good exhibitors in general with a marvellous, reduced-scaled 3D printed Neovenator,  excellent sculptures of Andrew Cocks and marvellous fossils courtesy of several famous collectors, including a fantastic rebbachisaurid sauropod provided by famous TV star UK dinosaur expert Dean R. Lomax author of Dinosaurs of the British Isles… but unfortunately, the attendance was not extremely numerous.

Some people managed to get a copy of Extreme Dinosaurs Pt II at the conference… I thank you!

image.pngDSC09070 I’m eagerly awaiting the first reviews. Hope they will be kind with my not-so-perfect use of the English language! I would like to especially thank Richard Forrest, my old pals David Unwin and David Martill (trying hard to to debunk current thinking about pterosaur skin… we’ll see!)DSC09080Remmert SchoutenDarren Naish, Mike Taylor (left us breathless with his sauropod pictures!), Cindy Howells, Jeff Liston, Tyrrell’s Museum ace Don Henderson, legendary IOW natives John Sibbick and his wife and many more, including a very interesting talk by David Norman reappraisal of Scelidosaurus (with new points of view that actually have a lot to do with one of the projects reviewed in Extreme Dinosaurs II:  Dinosaur rEvolution!), the unfortunately very brief (thanks to chicken problems) appearance of Georgia Witton McLean and Mark Witton and our dedicated hosts for making the event lively and welcoming…

Just a couple of suggestions: next time please don’t do >all< the dinosaur talks last day!

And SOS: PLEASE do something for that neglected Dinosaur Isle Museum... One of the most important landmarks in the UK’s palaeontology and one of the most prolific purveyors of dinosaur fossils of the land deserves better. Many sculptures were in such deteriorated state like I’ve never seen anywhere in the world… including my beloved, now really sad-looking,  Caudipteryx, designed and supervised by me and constructed by sculptor Jonathan Hateley, in the days of old, for some famous Dorling Kindersley books. DSC09051.jpgDSC09050.jpg

Maybe it’s all down to government cuts? I noticed to my relief that there was not a single Brexit bone in the house…  and not even some of the native Isle of Wight ones!

DSC09049Thank you all for the support and great European solidarity!

See you at Tet Zoo next… this time with even better and a copious amount of copies of Extreme Dinosaurs The Projects Pt. II! image

And by the way, I’m still waiting for an answer to my query regarding the function of Melanosomes and what it might mean fo the study of colour on dinosaurs! Ruffling feathers anyone?

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