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Remember this?Coahuilaceratops B

In a previous blog entry I named Kritosaurus its main protagonist , but its true real brand new name is Isauria (Latirhinus uitslaniand) is currently in the vaults of the wonderful, “classic” among classics,  Museo de Geología in Mexico City on its way to be delivered to UNIVERSUM, a popular interactive museum (mostly for the young generations) dedicated to science and technology also in Mexico City… who knows, maybe one day it could also be a guest of honour in our forthcoming Mexican Dinosaurs exhibition in Monterrey?

This mount of Isauria is the painstaking reconstructive labour of Ricardo  Servín Pichardo,  Palseontology student of René Hernández, that dedicated many hours  to model  the missing bones  and refurbish the broken ones of this very famous Mexican hadrosaur,  first featured  incomplete in the Geology Museum back on the 90’s with the skull magnificently reconstructed by the also famous paleoartist Marco…

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