The Mexican Dinosaur Eden(Part 1)

Coahuilaceratops B

As I was mentioning in the previous blog, even as fragmentary as the fossil material is most of the time in Mexico, the Cuenca de Parras, Coahuila, specifically this time  Cerro del Pueblo in the north of Mexico, has produced exceptional specimens like  the  chasmosaurine  Coahuilaceratops here, with their thick, enormous horns that shared space with Kritosaurus herds, one of the first Mexican dinosaurs I saw on display  at the Museo de Geología, although given that the research was still not complete (and is still isn’t) the name may change any minute!.

This is a typical North American dinosaur 72 million year old semi-coastal landscape and you can appreciate the complexity of the mural, long time in the making! … even with Trödontids courting in the foreground (we know only teeth, but they were there for sure). For a change I’ve tried to avoid theropod-onithopod confrontation! But that won’t be the case in the next one…Coahuilacaretops is also going to be a prominent protagonist of the forthcoming Dinosaur rEvolution event… mostly thanks to Robert Gaston‘s excellent sizeable cast that will be featured in it! More to come…

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