Cretaceous Mexico… the saga continues!


The mid-sized, 6 meter long hadrosaur Velafrons  attacked by a group of indeterminate dromeosaurs … Velafrons is one of the most complete lamboeosaurine hadrosaurs at the level of fossil remains in Mexico. As stated in the previous post, even if fragmentary the Mexican paleo fauna is rather interesting. Velafrons shared its environment with many other gregarious dinosaurs including Kritosaurus and Coahuilaceratops.

I owe Angel Ramírez a good deal in recreating this scene. It is thanks to him that Velafrons‘ ecosystem is more precise: a coastal environment  with plants like  Strelitzia or Phytolaca… I like palaeontologists that are a pain regarding scientific details! Lots of corrections and negotiations to get to the result  you are seeing here…! And by the way… I’m leaving Magnapaulia, Coahuilaceratops, Kritosaurus, Labocania  and some ornithomimids for the next instalments.

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