Cretaceous Mexico…here we go!

Huehue MOD BlogThe Santonian of Michoacán, México, 83 million years ago… A six meter long proto-hadrosaur Huehuecanauhtlus tiquichensis is harassed by a gang of, still unnamed, feral Tanycolagreus-like theropods. What an opportunity to get to basics with some of the wonderful and overlooked prehistoric Mexican fauna!  Note the overly tall hip and tail spines emphasised  in Angel Ramírez‘s reconstructive labour… an apparent, puzzling characteristic of most Mexican primitive and advanced  hadrosaurs.  Tanycalogreus

The theropods are speculative. They are mostly two or three meter long . I started trying the scene with some dromeosaurs, but the evidence for them is scant in this location… in fact, I  have an alternative  version of this artwork with a couple of dromeosaurs attacking the Huehuecanauhtlus (“Old Duck” in Nahuatl)!  Most of what you see here is based on the fragmentary material together with all the available evidence, including volcanic landscape and arid terrain with fallen branches and dead tree trunks. I have followed  the guidance of René Hernández and Angel Alejandro Ramírez, whose help has been priceless… after all they are the source! They are still digging out more evidence and  new material is constantly coming to light. The task now is to isolate species and name them.  Many have been already… and the next effort will be about the gigantic lambeosaurs and  sundry hadrosaurs, one of which tails was prepared by René himself! I have recently posted pictures of René Hernández uncovering and preserving a massive hadrosaur tail from Saltillo.

It;s been long overdue that I started  a pictorial saga of the Mexican dinosaurs… and now I have the opportunity!

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