Dinosaur Skin and Survival… the new coming project.

Tarbo TalarurusF copy Tarbosaurus and Talarurus… the where ends meet in  the  new exhibition.

In association with Gondwana Studios… the next Dinosaur rEvolution will be coming from as far as Tasmania!

After the Hatching The Past success in Europe (thousands continue to visit the Horniman Museum… and our next stop might be Brussels, still to be confirmed!) we are working hard on our next project… an ambitious display of survival strategies colliding  in the Mesozoic.

From Sinosauropteryx, Caudipteryx, Nothronychus and Deinonychus to Heterodontosaurus, Kosmoceratops and Saichania…Quills, spikes and horns  versus feathers, teeth and claws… a lethal combination that will feature well researched  and mounted casts (some of them massive… some of them incredibly small… yes, even the famous quilled psittacosaur IS going to be there in all its glory!) all accompanied by my murals . Everything will be tied up with a very specific and illuminating narrative, incorporating  all the updated material and information we could lay our hands on. This is an exhibition with a clear purpose and scope.Maquette 1 copy

Hopefully some of the murals will be life-size to maximise  impact on our audience, and we will try to mix styles to give it a varied look.

I’m currently updating some old artwork and creating new, never seen protagonists  Working on murals is giving me  freedom to expand  creativity and at the same time concentrate in the detail… painting skin and feathers with a computer is an extremely laborious task… old habits take a long time to change: sometimes I even blow to the screen or swipe it with the side of my hand!

I thank Peter Norton for his support, enthusiasm and hard work that has allowed all this to happen. He is the master builder!  Imagine this scene with  Velociraptor and Avimimus  fleshed out in a life-size mural… I will show a further preview soon!DSC06017 copy

We have already booked some venues in the far  South East  of the planet and I’m sure at the end it will be going around the rest of the world. Let’s keep fingers crossed… and watch this space for further information!Booklet_cover-1 copy

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