Horniman Museum Pt 2. Monster Families Gates Open… and is HUGE!

DSCN2271Yes… you saw it here first!  Carmen was amazed… My old “Saltasaurus Nesting Grounds” has never been seen like this before! We couldn’t believe how an original  painting 75 X 51 cm (in the vaults of Charlie and Flo Magovern) can be blown up to this scale and still look fine. Must be Gondwana Studios and Stone&Co magic!… and moreover, it literally opens to the public on Saturday!DSCN2267

Dinosaurs Monster Families is an event for everybody. Here I am with Rose Smith after a sneak preview this morning. I have finally been able to see a preview of the exhibition that takes  London by storm tomorrow… and it is one of the best set-ups I have seen Hatching The Past in.  Thanks to the good work of Peter Norton and the Horniman Museum team  in creating this wonderful event. The space might not be very big, but the amount of excitement contained here is amazing. It also includes two children play areas and many surprises…  don’t be fooled by the bare bones on the floor… they will be in a sand pit!

I’d like to specially  thank   Rose Smith(Community Learning Officer), Amy Welsh (Exhibitions Officer), Ellie Smith (Exhibitions & Design Manager) and Alison McKay ( PR & Media Officer) among many, for their support and good team work in setting this all together.

This is a classic exhibition for a classic venue, and we probably couldn’t find a better setting. Hope to see a few of you around here… if you live in London or are visiting, don’t miss it! Dave Hone is giving a talk there next Wednesday too!

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