London’s Best Kept “Secret” Dinoexhibit Is About To Be Unveiled!

DSCN2215It’s finally here… and I have followed Peter Norton step by step build-up of Hatching The Past for the first time in London, at the Horniman Museum in South London and this time under the name of  “Dinosaurs Monster Families

As usual, it is a thrill to see the man working… and I think the final results will be as awesome as usual.  The space is not as big as I thought, so the casts, specimens and artwork are tightly spaced… for the better, I think. Novelties this time are even more egg casts, a David Attenborough surprise contribution  and the huge Tarbosaurus skull (holotype) that Peter has added lately… I had the joy to “play” with it before being installed in place!

Don’t miss this event… it starts the 13 of February for six long months… so there’s plenty of time for enjoyment, including organised talks by David Hone and possibly some events for kids with Carmen and yours truly.

Next week I’ll post some images of the finalised  exhibition after it opens… It will be the first time that an exhibition with my murals will be shown in my home town. It is an extremely rewarding experience.

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