Glasgow is getting ready for the event of the year (Part One)…

IMG_4658Breaking the continental barriers, Hatching the Past is arriving to Glasgow! Peter Norton, the man in charge of   Gondwana Studios, one of the finest exhibition organisers in the world,  is currently  mounting the exhibition in a rather spectacular space at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum (Argyle Street I Glasgow G3 8AG ,  Phone 0141 276 9599 , Text phone 0141 276 9500/9511 ). You can see from the pictures, some of my own pictures have become indeed massive three-meter tall wall murals! We have to thank toe organisers for  taking so much care of the space for  this exhibition…

IMG_4649Here’s a sneak preview…Can’t wait to see the gallery properly lit when it opens… I have  reservations about some of the graphics shown as ornaments (naked oviraptors anyone?)  but otherwise is as good as it gets… The space is wonderful and it is exactly what is needed for our exhibition.

Hopefully see you there sometime in the future… the best news is that it is going to be in Glasgow until August! and some events may still be in the planning stage!IMG_4651IMG_4642IMG_4654

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1 Response to Glasgow is getting ready for the event of the year (Part One)…

  1. Chase says:

    I love the feeling of preparing a new exhibit. The museum I work for actually just set up and exhibit about James Gurney’s Dinotopia series (I only helped with the fossils we included from our collections). I hope all goes well when your exhibit opens!!

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