Introducing: New protagonists for 2015.

AlamosaurusBWhat is behind the story of this new tyrannosaur saga? A few months ago a manuscript  landed on my desk. Mike Kelly, knowledgeable dinosaur fan and a man that is becoming fast a new patron of the Paleo Arts and quality Paleaortists around the world, was proposing me the making of a comic (like the one I did for Marvel many years ago). I was reluctant at the beginning , but reading the manuscript I reckoned it was not only a  well researched and palaeontologically accurate work of fiction..,. it had also dramatic and well crafted story lines that will thrill millions when it’s published.  It is a book entirely dedicated to the life and times of tyrannosaurs,  their way of life, struggles and… prey… However, the text is so good that it was a pity to downgrade it to mere side notes in a comic strip… so I proposed instead of doing several illustrations for every story, keeping the text intact. And he accepted.

The first story has as protagonists a herd of Alamosaurus being stalked and chased by a flock of T. rexes (in several stages of growth)… T. rex always brings Triceratops to mind but…We have seldom seen T. rex attacking a gigantic titanosaur like  Alamosaurus.  So I proceeded to do a restoration based on  current research…And here’s what is behind those first protagonists.DSC_5580Some of you may have seen this picture of the new Alamosaurus mount in Dallas. I love to do reconstruction exercises based on museum mounts… just imagining them in the flesh and at that same enormous size… and that is exactly what I did as a first step. It will be some time before the whole project is finished… how are we planning to have T. rex solve the problem of tackling prey this size? Watch this space in  months to come!AlamosaurusB2As an extra, the Quetzalcoatlus accompanying mount deserved a reconstruction here…. but, sorry , Mammoths are not allowed !


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9 Responses to Introducing: New protagonists for 2015.

  1. frilledshark says:

    Oooh, any idea of when this will be published?

  2. Mike Taylor says:

    There is only one way to resolve the problem of T. rex tackling prey this size — and that is for T. rex to end up stomed into a fine pink paste in the dirt!

  3. luisvrey says:

    Ahhh… ha ha ha! Rather blue-pink paste…Yes, but you’d be surprised when you see Alamosaurus Achilles Heel!

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  5. Mr. Rey, this artwork is so awesome that I have provided a link to your blogpost on my blog. I hope that is ok!

  6. I am also so inspired by your work. I have made a Giganotosaurus carolinni and posted pictures on my blog. It would be great if you could check it out. As always, awesome work on this one!!!

  7. Sweet! Man I have to raise some money to attend the SVP meeting in Dallas, so I can see those mounts together. Additional motivation is that , we’re hosting SVP here the following year (2016) and I’m field trip chairman.

  8. Matt says:

    Great Post Mr. Rey! I’m hoping to attend SVP this fall, and view the mounts. It is very original to have a Tyrannosaurus rex attacking an Alamosaurus, rather than the usually Triceratops. Next step for research, specimens need to found of Alamosaurus that hopefully will have T-rex bite marks. There is already evidence of bite marks in Triceratops and Edmontosaurus, now paleontologists in the Southwest need to look for some good Alamosaur material that has been chomped on by Tyrannosaurus rex.

  9. SM says:

    Keep us up to date on the comic progress, it sounds very interesting.

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