New and diverse uses for Microraptor at the SVP meeting, Berlín 2014.

MicronewBDSCN0171I have a bit of collaboration stories with Scott Foss… mammal guy he is, years ago he commissioned me to do this humorous piece to celebrate what a really oversized Entelodont pig would do to a T. rex…wishful thinking on his part, I know! But gladly he has change sides… only for now!DSC02781

Scott has gone MICRORAPTOR this time! I took the opportunity in SVP in Berlin this year to present  his  new commission: a new recreation of Microraptor to both him and his beautiful and charming partner Merb Jones. She surprised me with the painting already tattooed on her shoulder! Yes… the results were quite beautiful, and in the flesh!  According to the lucky lady, the session was not painful and done by a consummate tattoo artist that did everything in only a four hour non-stop sitting! Never expected such a likeness in of my wok in a tattoo!… Even the colours were impeccable.  I was graciously invited  to sign it!
IMG_6906IMG_6908DSCN0150Berlin SVP fun, but it was even more so because thanks to Jakob Vinther and Nick Longrich (that generously shared their new ideas and evidence with us), my vision of  raptor plumage and Microraptor itself is going to be changed forever… coincidentally that includes Archaeopteryx!

Watch the developments regarding our collective Archaeopteryx exhibition in association with Silver Plume Exhibitions that will be out and about next year. Watch this space in the near future!1797430_641459625975104_8664623235021118778_n


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4 Responses to New and diverse uses for Microraptor at the SVP meeting, Berlín 2014.

  1. psittacosaurus5090 says:

    Love the new incarnation of the famous four-winged dinosaur Microraptor, even the tattoo is a lot similar, too. brilliant!

  2. Scott Foss says:

    On the first piece my final instruction was, “Luis. No feathers!” And he respected that. Not a single feather on either the T. rex or the entelodont. However, handing Luis a palate and saying “no feathers” is like handing a child ice cream and saying “do not eat.” It would have been cruel to do that again, so this time went all in on the feathers. Thank you Luis. We love it.

    • luisvrey says:

      Thank you Scott… well those were other times …if you wanted today a T. rex without feathers we would have to have a very strong discussion!… and who can argue about Microraptor feathers though?… maybe some prehistoric paleothinker would try to embezzle us with some collagen fibres mythology?

  3. iarawarriorfeather says:

    The colors are outstanding 🙂 I’m too chicken to get a tattoo (ha!) but if I did I’d probably get one from every paleoartist I enjoy and have them sign it, too. Lucky lady indeed!

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