The 2014 Mexican Experience!

The Mexican ExperienceB

I bet nobody would be expecting >this< as this year’s “Mexican Experience”; but this is one of many surprises I’ve got from the talented dino-modelers that are located in Mexico. You may know him from previous posts: Aldebran Castañeda‘s fully pose able “Fomisaurs” are becoming the rage and he is just getting better and better.  I will be able to talk more about the making of his engineering marvels soon! In the meantime let me present you our latest collaboration: Deinocheirus! You might recognise it from my previous posts and it was a celebration of it final release in the  well reputed Nature  magazine. I will have to  modify a bit the lower jaw of my reconstructions)… but generally it still holds pretty well!

Deinocheirus & TarbosauruslBYou might also recognise this small wonder… another pose able and absolutely stunning Psittacosaurus.DSC01746A magnificent Allosaurus… and several views of the Deinocheirus… simply marvellous!

DSC01839 DSC01828 DSC01762

P1050158Here I am again with Aldo…the  Fomisaurus master!

But Mexico was not just about Fomisaurs. I managed to exchange gifts with another couple of  well reputed, excellent modellers: the worldwide famous Héctor Munive  (Tzipactli Splintersaurus) and Ricardo Servín Pichardo… in our exchange of gifts, both gave me marvels ready to be customised by me and will be subject of another article in this blog in the near future.P1050167 P1050163P1050214 P1050150

Mexico was hard work, but fulfilling to a great extent. From the schools of Metepec, Toluca to my old home, the National University in Mexico City (UNAM) , the audiences were hungry for any palaeontological  event. I continue to “preach” the change of the image in the Dinosauria even if we had have two classes of fourth and sixth grade primary school pupils all mixed together. Here are the pupils from Metepec that I visited the previous week.P1050047 P1050045 P1050044 P1050041 P1050038

I was fortunate to be able to share some joy as every year with the  (needless to say) well informed, great students and paleoart fans of René Hernández and Angel Ramírez from the UNAM. I paid special tribute to René in the exchange of gifts as can be seen in the pictures. He took us to the faculty’s lab to show us some specimens… there were many that were mostly finds from the north of Mexico. Some of them still unpublished but bound to amaze everybody on the day of their future release.



The day at the University was, as usual, a  celebration. My special thanks go  to  the dedicated teachers, paleoartists and fans like Lulú Martín that made my stay unforgettable as usual.


And all despite that at the time everybody was still mourning the assassination and disappearance of over 40 teaching students by the obscure forces that keep a good part of Mexico in permanent state of terror and uncertainty.  Only together we can change this one day!


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3 Responses to The 2014 Mexican Experience!

  1. Dinosaur Guy says:

    Oh, those models are gorgeous. I love the feathered Allosaurus and the quills on the head of the Psittacosaurus, I’m a strong supporter of the idea that every dinosaur had feathers/quills/filaments of some sort, and I’m glad to see paleo art going that direction.

  2. Andrew H says:

    Would it be at all possible for someone outside of Mexico to acquire some of those Fomisaurs?

  3. Hi Mr. Rey,

    I admire your entire paleo work, the drawings, sculptures and everything you have ever done. You are one of my favorite and top paleoartists and I want to know if this year will be another edition of “The Mexican Experience” (2015) and where will that event take place. I want to know that, because I want to be present and have the honor, the pleasure and the opportunity to meet you.

    Greeting Mr. Rey


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