The Art of Dinosnores

P1040662It happened almost in an instant… time flew, and suddenly… we had this marvellous stuff hanging on the walls! If this can be done in just forty minutes of FUN (including a talk),,, just imagine what we could do in a proper, lengthy dinosaur workshop! Yes, I’m talking about the most recent Dinosnores for Adults in the Natural History Museum in LondonP1040669P1040668P1040670

To boost the confidence of the great people in attendance we are now exhibiting their work in an official  billboard (an idea of Eszter Dobos) … I must say there were some real art talents, but most of all, people that listened and absorbed the experience… Remember the popular description of Tyrannosaurus rex as a “shark on stilts” ?… some people even took the fun literally…just look at this  shark on stilts… now it’s even feathered!P1040676

I’m thankful  to everyone involved in this latest workshop (I couldn’t get the name of everyone, but if any of you is here, please drop me a note!… I’ll be happy to include your name)… next one promises to be even better!


P1040657 P1040648 P1040645 P1040644P1040677

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