Cheap Thrills!

DSC01654Visiting your local boot sale in London is almost always guarantee that you’ll find some new dinosaur toy rejects… that’s what happened  couple weeks ago: spent £2 and got a full bag of selected dinotoys… among which I found a pretty accurate (unknown make to me at least) Triceratops that gave me an idea… Everytime I see something that is close of what I expect I have to go further.  This time I did what I always wanted to do to many other of my collectible models but had never dare! For the first time here it is in all its glory: Triceratops with my interpretation of the new skin  topography! DSC01655It has been extremely fun and very challenging; I really think this is the closest I could get to really get the impression of the new, spiky Triceratops everybody is talking about… and is based on pictures of the real thing! I managed to get even some hypothetical tail spikes reminiscent of its distant relative,  Psittacosaurus.DSC01651

DSC01679But what would be of Triceratops without it’s nemesis T. rex? Yes, I had to do something similar to Tyrannosaurus and for that  I selected my already customised and modified Kaiyodo model that luckily was precisely at the same scale as the Triceratops

DSC01658Using every possible skin and feathery material I came about this drastically modernised version of T. rex… not quite like my 2 dimensional artwork… but possible nevertheless!  Obviously I faced many difficulties getting everything together and making it mildly believable (some of you may not agree!). DSC01662DSC01665DSC01668DSC01664Now the updated couple will be facing each other for posterityDSC01676DSC01674

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3 Responses to Cheap Thrills!

  1. Dragon’s Caramba! Well done! I like them! Those quills based on Psittacosaurus are good on Triceratops! And the feathers are looking good too on T. rex! By looking at it carefully, it reminds me the evidence of feathers found near the jaw and tail of Dilong more than of Yutyrannus!

  2. Nuevamente un excelente trabajo señor Rey, siga así, me encanto.

  3. Matt says:

    The Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus are fantastic! Love the detail that you made on both, the quills on the triceratops look great, and your feathered t-rex is actually how I picture the animal. With your photo angles are planning on making a painting based on the models?

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