Yet another for the African Saga…

Spinosaurus & Ouranosaurus FFContinuing the Ouranosaurus saga… this time with a new restoration of Spinosaurus being groomed by several pterosaurs. I have done some sexually dimorphic spinosaurs for a change… mostly represented by the different coloration. Some people have pointed out that I reconstruct Spinosaurus in a very different way from Jurassic Park… main difference is that the Jurassic Park one is a monster and this one is based in real skeletal material… I might be proven wrong one day, but those jaws were made for fishing!  They were as slender as any Suchomimus or Baryonyx with  admittedly bigger conical teeth but they couldn’t be more different from the T. rex ones! I still find incredible that Spinosaurus could have ever been pitted into a fight against Tyrannosaurus rex… but I still find more incredible and painful to watch TV shows like Monsters Resurrected  in which it wast portrayed as a monstrous killing, car-smashing machine! So I’ve tried to portray it in a really peaceful scene for a change.

And here’s  another zebra Oranosaurus that was made part of the show!OurFB

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3 Responses to Yet another for the African Saga…

  1. Oliver Valero says:

    I’m impressed how the spinosaurus fitts naturally in the landscape,without butchering the others Ouranosaurus, like big cats and great herbivorous are living together.
    Will all these paintings be in the new book ? When Will It Be Available?


  2. JoakinMar says:

    That’s simply amazing!!!! How peaceful it sees. I like the quiet Spinosaurus, not trying to hunt down the Ouranosaurus, although they’ve decided to be cautious and don’t approach to the lake. In fact, in Jurassic Park 3, Tyrannosaurus might be the true winner as he is the first to bite Spinosaurus neck. If I remeber, in the making of documentary of the movie, Jack Horner explains that they decided to put Spinosaurus as he felt it is a true predator and T.Rex only a scarvenger. I think if he has now realized that spino liked more the taste of fish more than dinosaur meat.

  3. Armíx 2000 says:

    Nuevamente un excelente trabajo señor Rey es muy interesante observar al gran Espinosaurus tan pacífico frente al rebaño de Ouranosaurus con ese estilo único. Muchas gracias por la repuesta de mi comentario anterior, y efectivamente encontré un el diorama de dinosaurios, me parece un libro excelente y le agradezco mucho

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