The African Dinosaurs Saga continues…

Sarcosachus & OuranosaurusBOr could I call it my continuous searching for staying as close as possible to Nature? Everything started as an imaginative exercise a long time ago for the Holtz/Rey/Random House Encyclopaedia… now I wanted to go a little further. When I was collaborating with the series Walking With Dinosaurs a decade a go I came about with the idea for an “Okapi” Iguanodon skin pattern (that actually made it to the series)… now it was time to have an enhanced “Zebra” Ouranosaurus.  The idea was that in a crowded herd, the pattern would make them look like an indistinguishable mass and the individuals almost disappear. I played with several options before finally inserting several in the soon-to-be released Spinosaurus landscape. Wild speculation perhaps, but I like to draw parallels and keep my dinosaurs as close to living animals as possible… and we know what happens with convergent evolution oddities! Since this was conceived for the new Anusuya Chinsamy‘s project on African prehistoric life, paying homage to an African scene was next… and it was solved with Sarcosuchus as the possible predator! By the way…The indeterminate ornithopods are only ornamental… and there’s more to come in the African saga…OurFB Our2F

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3 Responses to The African Dinosaurs Saga continues…

  1. JoakinMar says:

    Wow!!! Really impressive. I have one question, about the supposed sail on Ouranosaurus and Spinosaurus, is that in many reconstructions I’ve seen they have a sail and not a crest. It’s something inferred or thee is any proof about the presence of this supposed sail??

  2. luisvrey says:

    Thanks. Both Ouranosaurus and Spinosaurus had “sails” (that means they had elongated neural spines on their pack vertebrae). It is debatable if they were covered only by skin or had some sort of muscular attachments. It is also a matter of speculation what they were for. Spinosauarus had also a cranial crest (as will be seen in my next instalment in the blog)…!

  3. Piotr Crittenden says:

    Do you have another encyclopedia coming out soon?

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