Dinosnores at the NHM again…!

Bringing Dinosaurs Back To Life goes to the British Museum of Natural History…and late at night!P1040057P1040066 P1040060

Approximately once every two months people gather in their hundreds to have dinner and spend the whole night being entertained (sleeping bags and  all) with natural history events in the sumptuous surroundings of the Natural History Museum in London… It is called “DINOSNORES (for grown-ups)”.


I have taken part of this extraordinary and peculiar soiree for the third time. I have to admit that the first time was an unnerving experience (as I didn’t know what audience to expect and what would they be expecting from me)… but with every  session that passes I have to admit:  I am enjoying it immensely!

P1040078P1040077 I have only ONE hour to teach people  basics on how to draw three dinosaurs together with a bit of dinoimage history… needless to say this can’t be a truly serious masterclass since we need much more time for that… but everybody seems to have a real interest, asking the right questions and enjoying the lesson very much… and since it is after dinner, everything happens over a glass of wine or two!  Here are some of the drawings produced with their proud authors.P1040081 P1040086 P1040083 P1040087 P1040075 P1040074 P1040071

The results are self-evident. The least I can say is that (based on my first question the other night) a good number of students that came  with still the notion that an iguana was closely related to or is  somewhat resemblant of what a dinosaur looked like,  went out of the session with their prejudices changed… if not shattered forever.  By the reactions   at the end -and the fact that most of the new artists  were enjoying themselves and didn’t want to leave!-  I left satisfied and with the notion that somehow my work  had been not just simple entertainment !

I have to specially thank Christina de Poitiers  (the new boss!) and also Chesca Wilton for their dynamic and effective coordination and to my partner Carmen Naranjo for very effective coaching… And  of course to everybody in the audience and organisation for their support and enthusiasm. Hopefully see some of you next time!

For more information go to http://www.nhm.ac.uk/visit-us/whats-on/after-hours//dino-snores-grown-ups/

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