Outtakes from the Golden Book (2)

CarboniferousBNot dinosaurs this time… just a couple of scenes from the Paleozoic: this one from the Carboniferous… with Meganeura attacking Hylonomus, a giant scropion and an anthracosaur in the background. The tree trunk is based on a real Carboniferous fossil, Bakker was very keen on this scene, where for the first time we show an insect preying on the “first” reptile.

And the second scene is a Triassic one. With protagonists Poposaurus, Desmatosuchus,  the pterosaur Eudimorphodon and a metoposaur having a mud bath.


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2 Responses to Outtakes from the Golden Book (2)

  1. Joakinmar says:

    Wow! Really amazing enviroments. One question: These book when will be avalaible???

  2. luisvrey says:

    Thanks. It is readily available now at Amazon. Hope you like it!

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