The Therizinosaur Rookery is at last finished.

The RookeryBYou saw the process of making this piece-de-resistance. All the protagonists are now in place and the hypothetical life cycle is now complete. Of course it wouldn’t be complete without  the opportunistic mammal trying to predate on the newborns. Regarding skin ornaments and display items in the  adults, obviously everything gets increasingly hypothetical. Thanks to Darren Naish I’ve got new information regarding the reconstruction of the feet o Therizinosaurus that I might be able to share in the future… ot seems that they were weirder than previously thought! I will also possibly change the background to a less drier environment. Th eggs are based on a real cast of therizinosaur eggs (as I mentioned earlier). The pterosaurs are different kinds of Azhdarchids,  similar to Quetzalcoatlus the typical pterosaur from the Cretaceous.

I continue my efforts to depict the living life cycles of the Dinosauria… better than having them fighting and killing each other forever!

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6 Responses to The Therizinosaur Rookery is at last finished.

  1. Christopher says:

    Esta muy genial…me fascina esta ilustración.
    Se han encontrado cráneos de Therizinosaurus?

  2. Joakinmar says:

    Great work!!!!! It’s one of the most astonishingly illustrations that I viewed recently. Question, in which book could appear this work???

  3. luisvrey says:

    Thank you. At the level of books it is still pending interest in publication, although I do have good quality (to excellent) prints available.

  4. チャンピオン スタジャン

  5. nick says:

    now, you are right!

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