Step by Step: Working on a new mural…?

Setting up the scenery… there should be a surprise in every corner… it’s starting to hatch!The Rookery Det 5B I think in these days it’s difficult to find  to find new themes for really striking, original material regarding dinosaurs… nevertheless I decided to start this project with one of my pet interests: the life cycle of Therizinosaurus… starting with the egg ( I happen to have a cast of a famous nest that actually had an authentic, perfectly preserved embryo  inside one of the eggs and that was subject to an extensive study). I did a reconstructed sketch for Thom Holtz’s encyclopaedia but  I didn’t stop at that; I thought I also should try reconstructing some subadults and chicks. Pure speculation, but here are some of my protagonists in the act of being created (a zillion layers later!). They are unfinished and may need modifications further along the way…

Therizinosaur eggBThe Rookery Detal 8B The Rookery Detail 2B Afterwards,  the relished moment of going for an enormous adult in full glorious display (yes, I’m still using my trademark zebra skin pattern!)The Rookery Detal 4B It’s proven to be an enormous task. Whoever said that digital painting and general artwork was “easy” did not know what he was talking about.  Certainly I’m having more fun now than I had ever had… and of course the important part is to keep inside one’s style and not let the tools (digital or otherwise) take over! Look out for the next final steps in the near future… the road  for completion is long and somehow… endless!The Rookery Detail3B

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3 Responses to Step by Step: Working on a new mural…?

  1. albertonykus says:

    Glad to see your Therizinosaurus enfluffled (to use Brian Switek’s term)!

  2. Joakinmar says:

    Look awesome!!!! I remenber your past reconstructions of Therizinosaurus and they look weird, but this last are amazing. The only point I remark is the red sac from the neck of the adult. I suppose is especulative, or not????

  3. luisvrey says:

    Thanks… and yes, of course it is speculative! And that is the fantastic thing about “paleoart”… speculation and science fiction but with our feet on the ground. The main aim is wild speculation backed by our own well-researched scientific homework in the first place… afterwards the sky is the limit!

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