“Hatching The Past” goes to Asturias, Spain!

… and get the “Bringing Dinosaurs Back To Life” treatment… well this had to happen before any “eggs and babies“…!Tyr SexB

Yes. I have been invited to give my usual talk at the famous Museo del Jurásico . “Reviviendo Dinosaurios”  this time! We will be there to open the proceedings and serve as a guide for the start of the “Hatching The Past” exhibition that  will see the MUJA as the starting point of a tour of Europe. As we know “Hatching the Past” started in Colorado with Charlie and Flo Magovern from Stone Co and now under the sponsorship of Peter Norton and Mar Gómez (Gondwana Studios) will be renowned the world over.

We will be there the first of July  from 11 in the morning (more details to follow). This will (paradoxically) be my first formal presentation in a Spanish museum. It will be a treat not only to be there (both the museum and surrounding landscape are amazing) but to finally have the opportunity to establish a dialogue with those Spanish friends and dinosaur fans that might be coming.

As you can see from these image of  obne of the notorious mounts of the museum, my recent revamp of my old  “Tyrannosaurus Sex” image fits just nicely!1280px-MUJA-Tyrannosaurus

Only museum in the world with life size dino-copulation… they had to be Spaniards after all!  Así que,“Dinosaurios: Huevos y Bebés” están aquí… ¡Nos vemos en el Museo del Jurásico!


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3 Responses to “Hatching The Past” goes to Asturias, Spain!

  1. JoakinMar says:

    Arg!!! This is the kind of things that I don’t like of living in the south ( I’m from Spain). Here in my city here is an exhibition of dinosaurs, but not of the kind of this. Well the only thing I can say is that you would enjoy the journey and congratulations for the work.

    PD: The copulating T.Rex are really cool and bizarre….

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  3. clic aqui says:

    ¡Hola! .Me gustaría dar un enorme aprobado por valiosa información que tenemos aquí en este blog . Voy a volver muy pronto a leeros con esta web.

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