What might have been the “Extinction” event at the Natural History Museum…


Just imagine how this multiple banner would have looked at the entrance of the Natural History Museum in London! (This is only the draft by the way).

Alas… it was never going to be.

Late last year I received an invitation to  illustrate and propose some ideas for the  new exhibition at the BMNH “Extinction. Not The End Of The World” posters and banners. I set enthusiastically to work on some ideas that might have enhanced not only an exhibition that was endorsed by no other than David Attenborough, but also do some designs that would make it work with the spectacular  settings of the museum. The spirit of the designs were to reflect that the world would be extremely overcrowded  without extinction and what is obvious: we are here because of the extinction of billions of species  and many species are not and will not be here thanks to Homo sapiens too. Unfortunately there was no luck and instead the museum selected this:

After visiting the exhibition, I think they were right after all. The event is a lot more low= key that I thought it to was going to be. In any case, that is what this blog is for: to show the sruff you >might< have seen but couldn’t for one reason or another…

In the meantime here’s the lonely Neanderthal…


And a Megaloceros… Extinct indeed!Megaloceros

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