Finally! The Murals in Situ.

Finally the day has come: here are some (updated and upgraded) pictures of the opening of the now famous Stone & Company Hatching The Past exhibition (coming soon to a town near you).  The murals are 3 meters high, so you can have an idea of the dimensions… they are lifesize! I have never worked on this scale before so I’m very glad to see how it worked  at the end.

Mural Mural2 Mural5 Mural6




This section of the exhibition is a playground for children. It includes nest models and baby dinosaur models for the children to play and photograph themselves with… they also can be dressed as baby dinos under the attentive eyes of their gigantic parents!


And here  we have Nick Regester and Alenna Magovern showing their excellent printing job. They, together with Flo and Charlie Magovern have been responsible for this incredible mount. Hard, but rewarding work indeed! Congratulations to them!

Mural3 Mural4

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