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It’s official… The *New* Big Golden Book of Dinosaurs is advertised at Amazon!

Sixty years ago children and dinosaur fans in general marvelled at the great illustrations of Rudolph Zallinger (both at the Yale Museum famous mural and at children books like Dinosaurs And Other Prehistoric Reptiles)… Artistically his stylish artwork remain a landmark, … Continue reading

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Unseasonal greetings…

Cretaceous snow killed T. rex? Well… at least it adds some festive decoration on my very modern late-Cretaceous garden!  A very weather mild end of the world indeed… The famous “Home’s Garden”  scene from a previous post has been finally … Continue reading

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And now… let’s start the year with some gratuitous art for art’s sake!

This is the year that finally we are going to see the release of our long awaited  Bakker./Rey collaboration with Random House… before  the final sprint (that I’m currently working on) here’s something that I have also been working on … Continue reading

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