Postcard 12-13B

This is dedicated to everybody supporting this blog (and more)… thank you for making it a success and hey… you may love dinosaurs enough to become vegetarian this end of the year… fine by me! After all, who really wants to cut the throat of a lovely descendant of Deinonychus (here in my own trademark turkey attire… one of the protagonists of the soon to be released Bakker/Rey project)… even if it tastes good!

On an even more humorous side: well… we know… it didn’t end after all… the latest Mayan  end-of-the-world hysteria was not right either! Not that we humans are not capable of destroying the world, but we look certainly stupid  trying to mystically predict its end… and  we keep at it every number of years!…  The intentions of the prophets have always been grandiose scare mongering for their own purposes… at best they were bad or ignorant calculations and at worst (I’d say, as usual) simple financial or power gain…let’s stop the silliness of it all!

Let’s enjoy while we can…All the best!

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1 Response to HEY… WE ARE STILL HERE!

  1. Devin Nathaniel Bell says:

    is it a new dinosaur book you and Bakker creating?

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