Classic prehistoric Isle Of Wight revisited…

Now that I’m getting towards the end of my new Random House/Robert Bakker new project, I decided to revisit some classics. My visit to Brussels early this year gave me ammunition to try and restore Iguanodon again… this time based on my own pictures of the dynamic Iguanodon displays there.

Behind the fleshed Iguanodons you see here there are fully articulated skeletons… I think the displays in Brussels show very clearly that the fully grown Iguanodon bernissartensis could not be anything else than a rather powerful quadruped (while the less bulky youngsters or even lighter species of iguanodontids might have been more facultative bipedal). In this scene these iguanodons are attacked by a pair of the allosaurid  Neovenator … I opted for a more accurate predator that would fit time and location-wise, instead of having a predictable and inaccurate Megalosaurus, that we know whas not contemporary of Iguanodon.

Now, if we could get the museums in England to do the good job they have done in Brussels, that would be such a great thing! I’m tired of seeing that famous Iguanodon skeleton in that awful old kangaroo pose with it broken backbone  dragging its tail to the ground … and let alone that:  it is dragging its ischium to the ground!

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